Planning and Strategy

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Without plans for staff to follow, growth will be restricted by the available time of the Managing Director

A clear plan with measurable outcomes makes it much easier to delegate responsibility to staff. It takes out of your head what you want achieving and frees up your time.

Combined with a robust plan is a mechanism for regularly measuring performance and refining actions.

For a business with employees, growth will be dependent on the available time of the Managing Director where there is not a clear set of operational plans for the staff to follow.

Contract management

Standard contracts

  • subscription model
  • license model
  • support desk

Bespoke contracts

  • measure outcomes
  • track billable work
  • template framework for scoping the contract
  • manage the process converting from opportunity to order
  • NDAs

Strong Foundations

IP protection
Regular board meetings – forum for decision making
Regular operational reviews – two way team updates
ICT architecture

  • robust processes
  • scalable systems
  • data quality governance
  • open to innovation

Workforce Planning

Review the Organisational structure
Signposting of tasks to the right people
Training to handle skills gaps
Graduates on mentored projects
Productivity & efficiency measurements for billed staff


Product R&D

Rigorous challenge of the business case
Project management milestones
Track time & cost against budget
Realistic launch date

Marketing and Customer Pipeline

Opportunity management
Clear proposition
Product opportunities
Customer empathy
Different industries

Financial Planning

Cashflow management
Budgeting and cost control
Business modelling & financial forecasting
Key performance indicators and dashboards