Challenging the Business Model


“Martyn’s clear vision & constant challenging of future plans was a real eye-opener on how to completely change the business model to give the company a sound basis for succeeding.”

Oladipo Alabi, Commercial Operations Manager


Challenged the Business Model to Grow the Sales Pipeline

:: The company wanted to increase sales by developing standard products as part of a longer term strategy.
:: Initially I delivered a Coaching programme which challenged the director on identifying a pipeline of customers for the products
:: They had been consumed by developing products without having first identified if the customer need even existed..
:: There was an over reliance on one major customer and when the work began to dry up, the company had to quickly find something to replace the lost income.
:: The business model changed from product driven to customer driven and we set a target of 2-3 times return from each of their billable employees. The pipeline began to grow, with each customer scoped on an individual basis. As part of this, the products began to be utilised.

Client Details

Perception BI work with a number of blue chip companies, NHS trusts and finance companies who have data quality problems. They provide an outcome based approach covering business analysis, business intelligence delivery, strategy & governance and behaviour change and engagement.