Spending time only on stuff you’re good at


“I’m an eternal optimist and love to sell things to new customers. Martyn recognised this as my key strength and moulded the organisation to free my time.”

Andrew Rabbitt, Managing Director


Coaching the Managing Director to manage his time and utilise staff better

:: The Company had grown but the Managing Director was still doing everything himself & not delegating to staff
:: Initially I went through a Coaching programme exploring strategy & financials, sales & proposition, people and process.
:: The actions were a 1 and 3 year plan with a new organisational structure and staff responsibilities.
:: We also had to introduce more robust processes and systems which enabled the Managing Director to free up his time and direct the operational tasks to his staff.
:: Board meetings were introduced which included senior managers to report on operational issues and the sales pipeline.
:: The ongoing challenge in growing his business is to ensure he has a supportive structure to handle the management of staff, delegation of tasks and adherence to processes and routines.

Client Details

Andrew has a very persuasive nature, ideal for pre-sales and is why he's able to attract so many large high quality clients. He is an entrepreneur in the true sense, always attracted by the next opportunity.